How to become a Frontend Master

Whatever you do, it’s always beneficial to have the right tools at your disposal. I love working remotely and am a big advocate of doing remote software development. Therefore, I always strive to have the best equipment available to be as productive as possible. Writing posts like this constantly takes a lot of time. Luckily iVanky helped me out and sponsored this post so that I can concentrate on writing. I recently had the chance to test out one of their hottest products, a dual USB-C Docking Station that allows me to connect both my wide-screen monitors to my MacBook with Dual 4K@60Hz display connectivity. It also supports up to 96W laptop charging, which is awesome. If you are in a situation like me and want to upgrade your equipment, check out this and their other products! And now comes the article:

Whether you are new to programming or already an experienced developer. In this industry, learning new concepts and languages/frameworks is mandatory to keep up with the rapid changes. Take for example React - open-sourced by Facebook just a shy 4 years ago it already became the number one choice for JavaScript devs around the globe. But also Vue and Angular, of course, have their legitimate follower-base. And then there is Svelte, and universal frameworks like Next.js or Nuxt.js, and Gatsby, and Gridsome, and Quasar, and and and. If you want to shine as an expert JavaScript developer you should at least have some experience in different frameworks and libraries - besides doing your homework with good, old JS.

To help you become Frontend Masters, I have collected 9 different projects, each with a distinct topic and a different JavaScript framework or library as a tech stack that you can build and add to your portfolio. Remember, nothing helps you more than actually building stuff so go ahead, sharpen your mind and make this happen!

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